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Welcome to the Center for Independent Living of South Florida, Inc.
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     Are you a business in Miami Dade County that is interested in increasing business by reaching out to customers with disabilities? Not sure how to do it? The Center for Independent Living of South Florida (CIL) wants to help, and we have the experience and relationships with the disability community to help you increase business from people with disabilities.

     Did you know that there are many simple, low cost ways to let the disability community know that your business is disability friendly, and wants them as customers?

     The CIL can help you understand what to do, and can help get the word out to customers with disabilities.

     Concerned about the ADA lawsuits you read about in the papers? Contact the CIL for guidance about the ADA. 

     Ever wonder about service dogs? Do you know what you can ask, and what you can’t? Do you know what a service dog is? Contact the CIL and we can come out to train your staff.

     Are you a doctor, and want to know about serving patients who are deaf? Do you know when you are required to provide a sign language interpreter, and about the consequences for failing to do so? The CIL can train you and your staff, and we have an active sign language company that you can use.

     For more information about collaborating with the CIL of South Florida, contact CEO Jim Baker at (305) 751-8025.  We look forward to hearing from you.


   The Center for Independent Living of South Florida is promoting the efforts of Blue Badge Homes The Accessible Real Estate Marketplace  website developed in collaboration with advocates for seniors and people with disabilities, Blue Badge Homes provides listings of accessible homes for sale or lease.  

Are you a Visionary? 
Can we count on you right now to help us increase the well-being, confidence and health of those with disabilities who want to live independently? Your support has made us a strong, effective voice for people with disabilities.  Please consider joining our Circle of Visionaries who believe as we do, that everyone with a disability deserves to be treated as an equal member of society with all of the rights and privileges of living in America.

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Get Involved Exceptional volunteers move the mission of CIL of S. FL forward by serving on our Board of Directors and Disability Advocacy Council, by advocating at community meetings and engaging in citizen actions, by participating in demonstrations and rallies, by fundraising, and writing grant proposals for the Center. Get involved! Call us today.


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Our mission is to empower people with disabilities of all ages to reach their highest level of independence and to advocate for systems change that results in access, equality, inclusion, integration,  independence, and choice for all people with disabilities.                                                                                      



Can You Hear Me Now?  We Can Help!


Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. ( Please see to download application) and CILSF collaborate to offer free of charge a variety of amplified telephones to meet the need of persons with mild to severe hearing loss. 


Call (305) 751-8025 for an appointment.               


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